Monday morning update!

Sunday got a solid couple hours of good flights in.  Of the 4 working quads we deployed, Corvair survived, Nova drowned, and Pinto got wishboned.

Taranis backup files for the fleet have been added to the fleet page.

As of Sunday night, Nova and Pinto are back operational.  Vega is getting a new camera, and hopefully Omni will be ready for maiden in a day or two.


Status check

  • Pinto Fully Operational
    • switched to 5030 props, much smoother especially at WOT
  • Vega – Fully Operational
    • has bad video interference at all throttle positions.  Need to add an LC filter
    • 5045 props gives it response with 3S pack flies almost as well as Pinto
    • battery life is tolerable
  • Corvair passed power up check, time to strap it down and maiden