So, we now have 6.

Aries is running an F3 knock off flight controller, and micro-minimosd.  This let’s us tune PID via the on screen display.  The additional UART of the F3 is very handy in this regard.

Receiver is a FrSky X4R-sb.  We are using the SBUS interface this time around.  Testing/maiden to happen in the next day or 2.  Will report back results of all this high end stuff crammed into one cheap ZMR250.

Monday morning update!

Sunday got a solid couple hours of good flights in.  Of the 4 working quads we deployed, Corvair survived, Nova drowned, and Pinto got wishboned.

Taranis backup files for the fleet have been added to the fleet page.

As of Sunday night, Nova and Pinto are back operational.  Vega is getting a new camera, and hopefully Omni will be ready for maiden in a day or two.