Anet A8 – Cost rundown

If one were to build an Anet AM8 upgraded to my current configuration, this is the pieces, and costs for those pieces.

Essentially $400 for the whole thing.

Titan Extruder and E3D-V6 hotend upgrade

The Titan extruder is a geared 3:1 box.

  • I used this mount printed in ABS on the Prusa
    • screw the new mount to the existing linear bearing blocks in a pattern like you were screwing down head bolts on an engine
    • The nozzle in the thingiverse link is incorrectly sized for my blower fan that came with my Anet, I will design a new one in the near future. As it is, I get great quality with no nozzle at all, and well, it’s less important than you would expect for PLA, which is all I’m printing on this machine at the moment.
  • recompile marlin to set the extruder to operate inverse of stock
    • I use a pre-customized version of Marlin 1.1.8 from Here
      1.1.8 for use with my Hallon Auto-bed-leveling sensor, though certeinly moving to 1.1.9 in the near future is a thing that will happen.
    • Download and install Arduino IDE from whereever
    • Follow this guide to configure the titan extruder within Marlin
  • M501 – Reads EEPROM data
  • Install EEPROM editor within octoprint
  • Calibrate steps per mm 418.50 is the magic number for the E3D-V6 on the 1.8degree Anet steppers
  • PID bed calibration, enable PIDTEMPBED in marlin, disable BED_LIMIT_Switching
  • Disable Thermal Runaway for the bed only for PID autotune to work
  • m303 e-1 s60 c8 1 Autotune PID for the bed 8 count at 60 degrees
  • resulting values for my bed (mk52 removable spring steel, using the prusa sheet) Kp: 99.41 Ki: 5.08 Kd: 486.61
    • #define DEFAULT_bedKp 99.41
    • #define DEFAULT_bedKi 5.08
    • #define DEFAULT_bedKd 486.61
  • THERMAL_PROTECTION_BED can be reenabled after PID autotune
  • M303 E0 S210 C8 1 PID autotune extruder
  • Resulting values for the E3d-v6 extruder
    Kp: 20.73 Ki: 1.63 Kd: 65.81
    • #define DEFAULT_Kp 20.73
    • #define DEFAULT_Ki 1.63
    • #define DEFAULT_Kd 65.81
  • X-axis offset is wack compared to original, I think -50mm should get it closer to printing in the middle of the bed, will try this tonight
PID autotune Results
1st print on Titan extruder, 2nd print on Titan extruder, after PID tuning