Update to Anet AM8


  • Original Prusa i3 MK3 has been added to the fleet
  • printing of the MK3 enclosure is current priority over further AM8 upgrades
  • AM8 works great, often bed-leveling process is 🙁
  • noisey AM8 drove me nuts, started ‘blipping’, replaced with Noctua fancy ass thing
  • All four(4) of the nuts on the left side z-axis ball-nut carrier fell out, 20 minute fix

  • I’ve been printing for the past couple weeks now with this machine, without any problems other than re-leveling the bed every couple days.  It appears that the micro-switch is bending and not springing back instantly.  So, the bed ends up a bit out of correct.  I understand the desire for auto-leveling, and will upgrade to Marlin and a bed-level sensor after printing the enclosure risers, accessories for the MK3.
  • The spring nuts on the ball-screw for the Z-axis rattled themselves apart, which required putting that back together, and a re-leveling.
  • The Noctura fan makes this printer very quiet, and the linear bearings run smoothly.  When/if this one gets noisey I will rebuild it using MGN12 rails.