The tool chest is dead; long live the tool chest

The quest for floor space has reached a new fervor.  Of late, the shop is moving away from a situation tool-chests and drawers, and into a situation of pegboard.  The system we are standardizing on is the Wall-Control system.   The great thing about the Wall-Control world is how insanely good 3d-printed hangers perform.  

3lb engineers hammer hanging on 3d printed hooks

3lb sledge, yeah, all day long.

Part of this project, well, all of this project is the goal of creating floor space.  The restoration of my grey and red Craftsman tool-chest is what has been the ultimate goal here.   The idea is to remove it from the garage, so that a milling machine can exist in it’s ‘stead.  Cleaning and restoration of the toolbox is necessary so it can live in the finished portion of the basement.  

This toolbox was my grandfather Fred, he was a cool dude, and had a lot of shop tools.  It has been a great pleasure to restore this box, and part of that, knowing it was his.  

Cleaned up, not repainted.

I’ve cleaned up the top drawers, and will work on the bottom drawer set tomorrow.  The bottom set is a bit more difficult, as the goal is to also replace the casters with more basement friendly ones, and it still has 2 drawers full of bits, taps, and allen keys.  Not really clear how that will pan out at this point. Progress is being made, and the next checkbox to click is the lower deck railing.  

toolbox project is over.  I didn’t repaint it, just cleaned it up, and it’s perfectly reasonable to live to live in my basement.   This box isn’t perfect, it has a lot of patina, and it’s a a solid look, and capability that will become neccesary in a few months…..

Continuous evolution, Continuous improvement.